Amendments to Australian Working Holiday Visa Program Might be In Progress

Although nothing is for sure yet, there are chances of amendments to Australia’s Working Holiday Visa program. According to reports from within the government, there might be expansions to the program, allowing entry to more industries to stay for a second year. Also, hints suggest that there might an increase in the current age limit.

The program was last updated more than ten years back, when it was expanded to ensure tourists and investors stay longer in the country. Back then, the move was made to add to the economy, since the country was seeing a boom in foreign investment. The expansion allowed tourists to stay a year in Australia once they complete a stay of three months.

“[Working Holiday Visa holders] make beds, hose, sweep and do the thousand and one jobs that young Aussies don’t want to do,” said Don Morris of Hamilton Island, as reported by Visa Bureau.

“These working holidaymakers are reliable, educated and smart. They work hard, play hard, spend big money and travel all over. The more we can do to get them to come here, and stay longer, the better.”

It should be noted here that the Australian Working Holiday visa is among the most sought after visa in the world. Since it allows tourists to stay for an extended period of time once they spend three months in the country, it is highly popular among those avid travelers.

Reports of expansion on visa emerged when news of dialogues between Tourism Australia and Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson came to light. According to several reported stories, Tourism Australia has convinced Mr. Ferguson to allow tourists and workers in the hospitality and tourism industry for the second year tenure. Since these two industries are not yet beneficiary of the previous expansions made, Tourism Australia wants it to happen in order to boom the tourism and hospitality industry in the country.

Tourism Australia is working hard on boosting the Australian tourism industry. Next month, they are launching a new campaign to promote Australian tourism, with an aim of making it double the size it is right now. According to a recent report, if Australian tourism grows on the same steady pace, it will be the country’s second biggest industry by 2020.

For now, reports suggest that the proposed expansions could take the country’s tourism to the next level. It would especially be beneficial to the tourism and hospitality industry, since the amendments would allow professionals and experts in these two industries to stay in the country for a longer period of time.

While right now there is no confirmation to believe whether the reports are true or not, keeping in mind the trend in Australian tourism industry and the government’s push to increase it further, one can say that the expansion is soon expected. Since it would give a boost to the country’s economy as well as welcome more workers, tourists and investors from around the globe, it will definitely be a move for the good of the country.


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