Australia and Greece to Discuss Work and Holiday Visa Agreement

Australia’s Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Chris Bowen, has announced that Australia will be initiating talks with Greek authorities to establish a reciprocal work and holiday visa agreement.

The Minister mentioned the strong community links between the Australia and Greece while making the announcement.   Mr. Bowen said, “A work and holiday arrangement recognises the strength of these connections and will further enhance our cultural links between the two countries.”

The eligible young Australian and nationals of Greece will be able to remain in the guest country for up to a period of twelve months. During their period of stay, they will be allowed to engage in short term work and short study courses.

Young nationals of both countries aged between 18 and 30 will be able to take advantage of the the Australia-Greece work and holiday visa agreement between .

The Australian immigration minister said, “Negotiating a work and holiday arrangement, which must be reciprocal and agreeable to both governments, can take time to finalise and implement.”

The talks for the work and holiday visa agreement will involve all the stakeholders in order to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to run the program without any administrative hitch.

Mr. Bowen thanked the Australian Members of the Parliament and Greek Orthodox community organizations for discussions about such an agreement between the two countries. “This is a significant step, and I would like to thank the Members of Parliament, community leaders and Greek Orthodox community organisations across the country who have spoken to me about such an arrangement,” said the Minister.

Currently a number of countries including Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Turkey and the United States have the work and holiday visa agreement with Australia.  If the negotiations between the Australian and Greek authorities have the positive outcome, then Greece will be the latest addition to the list of countries having the work and holiday visa agreements in place with Australia.


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