Australia Mulls over Revoking Citizenship of Terrorists

Australia citizenshipAustralian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is considering to include the provisions in the Australian Citizenship Act to revoke the citizenship of those who are involved in terrorism activities.  The amendments would empower the officials to strip of the citizenship of the Australians who were born to migrant parents and deport them. The Minister has said that when someone is involved in killing others, there allegiance pledged to Australia during citizenship oath must be questioned. United Kingdom already has similar laws to revoke the citizenship of persons involved in terrorism.

Australia will be following the footsteps of the United Kingdom to take extreme measures to protect its citizens from people who are involved in terrorism activities, hate preaching, training to kill others by revoking their Australian citizenship and possibly deporting them to country of origin of their parents.

While referring to the similar laws in the United Kingdom, the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton  told radio 2GB, “It’s used sparingly, but they decide that where somebody is involved in terrorism, in fundraising for terrorism, in training young people up to go and kill others, you’ve got to question whether or not that is in line with the ­allegiance and the pledge that they made when they took out their citizenship.’’

The revoking of the citizenship does not mean that person is rendered stateless as the person might be eligible for the citizenship of another country from where person’s parents originated.  United Kingdom has used the law to strip of the citizenship of UK born citizens on 27 occasions during the past decade.


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