Australia Starts Extended Stay Visas for Parents

Australian citizens and permanent residents can now apply for extended stay multiple entry tourist visas for their parents effective November 24, 2012. The Tourist visas will be valid for three year enabling the parents to stay in Australia for maximum period of twelve months during each visit. The long stay tourist visa scheme is available to those parents who have not applied for permanent residence and waiting for decision.  Australian immigration minister said in a statement that the tourist visa for parents is to recognize the significant role parents play in the lives of children and grandchildren.

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, has announced a new visit visa for parents of the citizens and permanent residents for extended period of stay. The visa will be granted on case to case basis eliminating the need to apply for visit visas every time they enter Australia.

Chris Bowen said in a statement that more generous tourist visas will enable regular extended family visits for those patiently waiting n the queue for a parent visa.

“Tourist visas will be considered on a case-by-case basis,” said Mr. Bowen, “and will enable parents to spend more time in Australia with their families without needing to apply for a new visa each time they visit.”

The minister stated that longer stay visa will facilitate those who are patiently waiting in a queue for a decision to be made on their permanent resident application.

“I know many Australians are looking forward to spending a longer period of time with their parents,” said the immigration minister, “and I am pleased the government has been able to facilitate this.”

For parents who have been in the application processing queue outside Australia, five year tourist visas with a twelve month stay on each entry will be granted.

If the application for permanent stay has not bee submitted, a three years tourist visa with a twelve month stay on each entry will granted.

The parents must meet Australia’s health and character requirements, have health insurance to cover healthcare expenses and must have enough funds to support their visit. Most importantly the intention of the applicant must be visit only.


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