Australia to resettle 4400 refugees from Iraq and Syria

scott morrisonAustralian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has said that Australia will offer to resettle 4,400 refugees from Iraq and Syria who are oppressed and fearing for their lives.  Scott Morrison said that government’s program to successfully block the arrivals of boat people has allowed to allocate the spots for Syrians and Iraqis.

Scott Morrison told reporters, “The government’s policies under Operation Sovereign Borders have not only saved lives at sea, but also allowed more places to be returned to our humanitarian program for the world’s most desperate and vulnerable people.”

Immigration Minister said that due to the strict policy not to assist the unauthorized refugees in Australia, the number of the boats with asylum seekers on board has reduced significantly.  People arriving on boats are now being sent to  a refugee camp in Papua New Guinea.

Morrison said that available spots will be shared equally between Iraqis, Syrians and people  “including those now living in desperate conditions in countries such as Lebanon.”

Australia has refugee resettlement program that accepts 13,750 people into its humanitarian refugee program every year. Immigration Minister added that would ensure that 11,000 of these places would be for people overseas in need of refugee protection.

“This government has made it very clear that priority in the humanitarian programme should be for those waiting overseas and entering Australia under an orderly process,” said Morrison.

Morrison said that Australia would pay particular attention to those from the many Christian ethnic minorities currently living in Malaysia and Thailand, such as the Karen and Chin.

Australian government faces strong criticize from opposition for its policy to return people arriving on Australian shores on boats. Australian government has the policy to send asylum seekers to camp outside of Australia.


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