Australian High Commission Warns Indians about Visa Scams

phone scamThe officials of the Australian High Commission in India have cautioned the Indians to beware of the agents and employers who do scams while offering visit, student, business and work visas. They have also suggested that if any Indian is confronted with any sort of visa scam, he/she must report to the authorities immediately.

The biggest visa scam that some Australian agents and employers are involved is receiving unauthorized and unfair payments from the beneficiaries of different visa classifications.

In order to investigate and curb visa scams, the Australian immigration authorities initiated a campaign last month called “Work Visa Scams: do not pay the price” to educate all the foreigners who aspire to visit Australia under work, student, business and tourists visas.

In the initial phase, the campaign assessed and punished about 100 Australian employers who were found to be involved in doing scams including demanding undue payments from their clients.

Visa scams pose a potential threat to the overall reputation and diplomatic ties of Australia, and the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has stepped up seriously to curb this evil.

Australia is an ideal place for students and skilled workers to migrate as they can easily find a number of educational and employment opportunities over there, but many of the aspirants get in the hands of scammers and they have to pay huge amounts of money to get their visa applications approved.

The international immigration experts are hopeful that the Australian government’s new campaign will be greatly helpful in fixing many of the visa issues the foreigners are currently facing.

Along with educating the general public, this campaign is aimed at keeping keen check over the Australian sponsors and employers so that they do not commit any sort of scams.


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