Visiting Australia and New Zealand Nationals to Pay UK NHS Surcharge

UK NHS surchargeUnited Kingdom (UK) immigration will be including citizens of Australia and New Zealand to pay National Health Services (NHS) annual surcharge if they wish to extend their stay from with in UK for longer than six months effective from April 6, 2016. The NHS surcharge of £200 per annum would also be applicable to Aussies applying for visas for stay longer than 180 days.  The NHS surcharge was introduced in 2015 to all the nationals of non-EEA countries, however, Aussies were exempted at that time.

It might have surprised many when UK Home Office announced that nationals of Australia and New Zealand will be liable to pay annual surcharge of £200 starting April 6 this year. The NHS surcharge is applicable to those visitors who intend to stay longer than 6 months in the UK.

Visitors from non-EEC countries who enter the UK with a valid visa with an intention to remain in the country for less than six months do not have to pay the NHS surcharge. Such visitors, however, must pay any expense incurred to receive NHS care during their stay.

Australian and New Zealand citizens will be required to pay the  surcharge if they arrived in the UK and want to extend their stay beyond six months allowed period.

NHS surcharge is payable in full at the time of submitting your application. For example, if you apply for a three year visa, you pay £600 with your application.

Students can benefit from a discounted NHS surcharge along with some applicants of other visa categories. The discounted rate for Students is £150 for each year of their stay in the UK.


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