Canada and United States to Improve NEXUS Membership

Canada and United States has announced a plan to increase the benefits to NEXUS members, streamline the NEXUS renewal process and increase the NEXUS membership.

Pre-screened travellers crossing the Canada-US border at designated air, land and marine locations receive expedited processing by Canada and United States officials for being the member of NEXUS program.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will waive the interview for members who have maintained their low-risk status and there are no changes in their previous information on record.  It will make the renewal process much faster for existing NEXUS members.

The NEXUS members will enjoy the additional benefits such as a new trusted traveller kiosk at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to expedite passage for NEXUS members flying into Canada; and a NEXUS lane at the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge.

Canada and the United States have also initiated an outreach and awareness program to boost membership in NEXUS program. Increased membership will encourage Canada-United States cross-border travel which is in return expected to benefit both Canadian and American economies.

Improvements in the NEXUS program facilitate the lawful flow of pre-approved, low-risk travellers and at the same will allow the Canadian and US Officials to focus on people about those least information is available.

“CBP and the CBSA are working together to expand NEXUS membership and enhance its benefits, to ensure more pre-screened travellers enjoy expedited processing at the border,” said CBP Commissioner David Aguilar.

‘Beyond the Border Declaration’ was announced by Canada Prime Minister Harper and US President Obama on February 4, 2011.

The Declaration articulates a shared vision in which both countries work together to address threats at the earliest point possible while facilitating the legitimate movement of people, goods and services across Canada-United States shared border.


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