Canada Immigration Asks Applicants of FSW Backlog Cases to Claim Fee Refunds

Canadian immigration department has issued a notice to those individuals who had applied for the Canadian Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) visa before February 27th, 2008, guiding them to duly submit forms containing details of their current addresses to the department. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) issued the notice last week for the applicants of those FSW cases which found their way in to the backlogs and were wiped out by the authorities. CIC officials stated that in order to get the fee refunds for set-aside FSW cases, applicants must update the department on their addresses and other relevant details. Meanwhile, the CIC also announced proposed changes to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), and the details of a new category of visa called the ‘Federal Skilled Trades Class’ (FSTC).

According to local media sources, the CIC officials have issued a  notification directed at the applicants of FSW backlog cases. The notification contains several guidelines for the applicants to obtain the refund of the fees that they had submitted with their FSW applications. CIC officials clarified that in order to give refunds, the department requires accurate and complete information regarding the addresses and other details of the applicants, so that unnecessary adversities can be avoided.

More than 250,000 individuals, who had applied for the FSW program before February 27th in 2008, were wiped out by the Canadian immigration authorities in order to rid the immigration department of the massive backlog of cases it was suffering from. Although the wipe out had an insignificant affect on the overall backlogs, it did allow the department to concentrate on more up to date cases. The cases were wiped out after the introduction and enforcement of the Bill C-38 on June 29th, 2012. The government had announced then that it will duly return all the application fees it had received for the cases which were set aside.

The applicants must submit any of the form IMM5471 (Return of Processing fee,Right of Permanent Residence fee, or Right of Landing fee form) with complete details and information to the following address:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada – FSW Program
P.O. Box 9639
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 4B3

The scanned copy of scanned form can also be submitted by email to the email address

The department also stated that the first to receive their refunds would be those applicants who had contacted the department to inquire about their applications before it had issued the notice. Officials said that next in line to them would be those applicants who provide their details to the department through the mentioned forms. The remaining will be contacted by the agency to verify their addresses for such purposes.



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