Canada Study Permit Applicants Facing Long Delays at Islamabad

Canada study permit applicants are experiencing long processing times at the Canada High Commission in Islamabad – Pakistan. The processing time for Canada study permit applications posted on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website is 11 weeks.

Canada has recently closed the visa and immigration sections in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Germany and Japan. The applications from the nationals of these countries are being processed at other locations now. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada claimed that the step was necessary to utilize the available resources effectively and efficiently. The processing times at these visa offices for Canadian study permit was between 3 to 5 weeks. The new applications for Canada study permits are expected to experience significant increase in time in which the decision will be made.

Some students who submitted their applications in December 2011 for Canada study permit are still waiting for even the request for Medical examination.

When the student send emails to the Canada High Commission in Islamabad to enquirer about the status of their applications, all they receive in reply is automated response stating application is in queue and will be assessed soon.

Apparently, there is shortage of staff at the Canada High Commission Islamabad that is delaying the processing of the Canada study permit applications.

The applications for study visas of countries like UK and Australia are decided in few weeks time saving not only the student’s precious time but also avoiding frustration caused by long times taken by visa offices in deciding the application.

Students from Pakistan who have applied for Canada study permit and has not received any response even after 11 weeks can contact the Canadian Visa Office in Islamabad using this Case Specific Contact Form.  The applicants must include in their message the following:

  • Full Name (SURNAME, Given names)
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • File Number (letter/number – if available)
  • Telephone number including area code: (Example: 010-6532-3536)

If there is no response within thirty days, then applicant can send a reminder.

It is worth mentioning here that processing times for Canada study permits at Canada High Commission in India is only 3 weeks where the volume of applications is many folds compared to application at Canada High Commission in Pakistan.



  1. this is ridiculous from chc islamabad that they are destroying students’ future by holding their original documents and passports for months with no response…

  2. Totaly unfair. It’s not students responsibility it’s chc’s fault they should increase the number of staff. It should be called discrimination I would say


  4. I’ve applied on 29th of May and still waiting.CHC require really efficient staff for fast processing.

      • What is the difference applying in Canadian collage or university. Kindly advise as i am going to apply for collage in Ontario

        • college students are not entertaining under processing time,,,and visa ratio is very low,,,my advice if u can get admission in university ,so you should go for that

      • i applied at seneca college diplomma program. approximately how long it will take to complete their process?? as i still did not get even medical call??

        • Same here. I applied to Seneca college too and still didn’t get any medical call. Had my classed from 8th Sept and got them deferred to the January semester because of the visa delay.

    • Abdul Rehman on

      do u received any answer from CHC actually i also applied on 20 april but still waiting.

    • I have also submitted my application on May 29th, 2012 but yet no response. My classes start on 4th September and I have no news about my application yet.


  5. sheikh wicky on

    have applied my case in jan,2012 but till now i have not received any reply from embassy. canadian embassy is playing with our feture and waste our precious time

  6. I applied for diploma program in SENECA College. submitted application on 29thmay 2012. can anyone help me to guide approximate how long it will take as by 13th August i even did not get medical call.

    • Dear Fareya,
      Canadian embassy has realized that there is nothing we (or our country) can do about what they are doing to us. my friend have the sponsor for work permit from canada, the canadian national requested that he wants my friend as a manger in his hotel send the request to embasyy. my friend submitted all his documents along with his experience certificates but havent heard from embassy from last 3 years. so obviously there is no time frame for pakistan if your status has changed please let us know and share your experience. your response will mean a lot to us. thanks

  7. Yar i have applied in Humber College on 4 april 2012 my case was in embassy and on 3 august 2012 i got medical call… i have done with a medical examination now in how much time they will respond me? and how much chance to get a visa?

  8. i applied on 25th May and my classes are going to start on 4th sept but have not received any reply yet from CHC only 1 week left hardly. i wonder why they are taking so much time if they dont want to give us visa why are they hanging us like this the should simple approve or reject

  9. hey man… what they doing at CHC… the latest update is the processing time for Pak has increased to 13 weeks and for India only 2 weeks… i have applied on 30 april now its 10 sep yet not get any reply from them… my College is LSBF Toronto… what i have to do ???

    • hi jugnoo any news from embassy as i was planning to apply your example will help me and your response will mean a lot. specially what happens if your classes started as you wouldn’t get any visa after that. please reply

  10. Hi all,

    I have applied for work permit and submit my application in Canadian embassy Islamabad through TCS on 25th of Feb. Now its being more than 25 weeks and still I did not get any response from the embassy. I have submitted my all original documents . I have sent them many emails and fax but did not get any response. Can anyone tell me how long it will take to get the work permit applicatoin response and can I get my original documents back.


    • The Canadian High Commission in Pakistan is taking about 9-10 months to finalize the work permit applications. You might be hearing from CHC sometime during next month.

      How did you get the LMO for work permit application? please share.

      • Thanks Ali to reply me, did you also apply for the work permit? I am working as a web developer and work with my client almost 4 to 5 years. He was looking a right person in his country with these skills but he did not find the right person, after that he offered me a job and got the LMO for me. one more thing can I get my original documents back from the CHC. I am really worried about it, because I have submitted my all original documents.


        • Ahmed I did not apply for Canadian work permit, however, one of my friend received his work permit about two months ago. He has gone to Canada now. It took him about 11 months to complete the process.

          I believe you can request Canada High Commission in Islamabad to return your original documents. Have you received the file number from the high commission? If yes then send the request with reference to the file number and hopefully you will get the original documents.

          Your case is a good example for those Pakistanis who are paying many lakhs rupees to agents for work permits.

  11. Thanks Ali.

    I don’t have the file number because I have sent my application through TCS. Ali did you know that your friend directly receive the work permit or first he received the medical letter from the embassy.


  12. kamranullah khan on

    Dear sir
    I can invest RS.25000000/-and I am 57 can i Migrate with my 4 dependent child and spouse and how

  13. Hey people,

    I filed an application for a study permit on 28/05/2012. I received a call for the physical exam on 27/07/1982, appeared for the physical exam and sent the CHC my FBI clearance certificate on the same date. Then there was silence.

    Finally on 07/12/2012, I emailed the CHC and the response I got was that the CHC hadn’t received my FBI clearance certificate. The very next day I emailed them with a scanned copy of the certificate and the relevant shipping data. I was asked for a deferral letter issued by the University and I sent the same. Today on 12/12/12, I finally received my permit.

    An oversight on my part was that I presumed that “processing time” initiated from the date the CHC received my medical report(s). It does not; it starts from the date you filed your application.

    So if anyone has doubts about “processing time” if yours is up, email the CHC and ask them about your status.

    All the best people

  14. hi, i applied for study permit on 1 March my class starts on 25 ,processing time is 6 weeks, i applied in university,my application is fully complete to the best of my knowledge, untill no reply. Is there any problem?

  15. hello. i have applied for student visa islamabad pakistan 14 weeks ago.still iam waiting decession. and waitiing for medical request.and i have done my biometric 15 january took 14 weeks,not response.iam very confuse.plz help me every one. thank you. kindly regard abid ullah.

  16. I am reading the comments and its really amazing It’s really been so long for some of you.In my case I got answer just after 25 days because I gathered all stuff prior to the request of embassy or maybe because I am Christian and I mentioned church ceritifcate.

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