Canada to introduce new points-based system

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is deliberating on a plan to introduce a new points-based immigration system in a bid to allow only talented and skilled foreigners to enter Canada.

The new system, which is likely to be in place by the end of the calendar year, will require the visa applicants applying for high-profile professions to ensure their language proficiency before their applications are processed.

A foreigner, who wants to be hired by any of the ace Canadian employer in the field of IT, medical, engineering and science etc, needs to be proficient in English or French.

The purpose behind this move is to make Canada a place of civilised and skilled people who can contribute well to the well-being of the country in the long run.

Canada’s federal immigration minister, Jason Kenney, is of the view that the new system will help the immigrants to get integrated well with the social and cultural set-up of the host nation and prove to be productive citizens.

Currently, spouses of the candidates applying under ‘Federal Skilled Worker Programme’ are not required to have language skills.  But the new system gives an incentive in the shape of additional points if the spouses too are capable of speaking English or French.

Kenney claims that Canada wants to attract highly-skilled foreign professionals and entrepreneurs who can make the second biggest economy of the world more stable.

Since last few years, Canada has been focusing more on hunting ace talent from all over the world. The CIC has launched a number of measures to give additional benefits and facilities to those immigrants who owns higher qualifications and rich professional experiences.

This strategy seems to be working well and Canada is rapidly becoming a nation of cultured and skilled people. The new points-based system is expected to give a big boost to this trend.



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