What happened to promise of lowering Canadian immigration processing times?

Canada - Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX)Canadian immigration and citizenship minister when last time changed the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Regulations, he promised to bring the processing times under 12 months just like it has been promised to cut down the immigration application processing times shorter than 6 months under the new Express Entry program. The reality is somewhat totally different. In many cases, the Canadian visa officers are taking more than 48 months just to decide if the foreign professional is eligible for Canadian permanent residence. It is obvious the then Canadian citizenship and immigration minister failed to keep his promise of cutting down the processing times and there is no one in the world who can make him to keep his new promises about the processing times.

According to bold promises which the then Canadian Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, the processing time of applications filed under the skilled worker immigration category were to be brought down to maximum 12 months from the processing duration of 4-5 years in many cases.  Canadian Minister for the first time in Canadian immigration history also decided to return applications of over 300 thousand foreign professionals who had been waiting for many years to receive a decision on their application. The argument to return the application was to reduce the backlog of application so that processing times could be reduced under 12 months.

It has taken only few years to bring the processing time back to over 3 years at a number of Canadian visa centers overseas.  According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website, the processing time for applications submitted after June 26, 2010 at Canadian visa office in Ankara, Turkey is 42 months.  Canadian visa offices in Sydney and Singapore are taking 30 months and 40 months. However, if you submitted applications at Canadian visa office in Colombo, Sri Lanka then you will get decision on immigration application within 10 months in most cases.

Now Canada immigration is targeting to process the applications under the Express Entry program for Canadian permanent residence under 6 months and one of the benefits of the new program is expedited application processing. However, looking back at the track record of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it is most likely that the processing times will increase very soon. Currently the majority of the applications under the Express Entry program are from those immigrants who are already working in Canada and that might also be a factor in lower decision making time in the initial stages of the program.



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