New Canada eTA Visa Rules May Affect Your Travel Plans

Canada eTA changes 2016Canada has made changes to its visa rules which will affect all those travelers who did not need visa to enter Canada. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) rules are coming into force on March 15, 2016. Costing $7 and available online, eTA is being introduced for enhanced security and is only required for those travelers who will be arriving Canada by air. United States citizens and travelers with valid visa are exempt from applying for eTA prior to their arrival in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is suggesting all those travelers who will be affected by the new eTA rules to obtain it before making their travel plans or buying air tickets.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced electronic Travel Authorization for visitors who will be traveling to Canada by air on or after March 15, 2016.

Currently nationals of countries with visa waiver agreement with Canada can visit Canada without requiring to obtaining visit visa in their country of residence before traveling. Once the new Canada eTA rules becomes effective on March 15, 2016, they will have to obtain eTA by submitting their eTA application online and paying a processing fee of $7.

Travelers need valid passport from a visa exempt country, credit card for making payment of processing fee and valid email address to receive the confirmation about their Canada eTA application.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada states that eTA application will be approved in a few minutes time in majority of cases.

eTA system allows submission of application for one traveler at a time. If there are more than one travelers applying for eTA, then they will have to submit application for each applicant separately.

Canada eTA will be valid for up to a period of five years depending on the validity of passport.

In case a traveler requiring eTA arrives in Canada without obtaining eTA, it is possible to obtain one after arrival by using an electronic device with internet connection. Having said that, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is advising visitors to start applying for eTA now.


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