Nova Scotia Wants Immigration Program Restrictions Removed

Nova Scotia immigration ministerProvincial Immigration Minister Lena Diab will be asking the new Canadian government to remove the immigration program restrictions imposed on its provincial program that limits the maximum number of immigrants the province can accept each year. The Minister is looking forward to achieve more control of the provincial immigration program.  The annual cap was increased from 700 in 2014 to 1350 in 2015. The province maxed the cap already this year.

Lena Diab told reporters about here intentions to ask Federal government to axe the immigration quota restrictions after hosting a summit to discuss the immigration matters in Nova Scotia. The Minister said, “I will ask for it to be eliminated. Not just raised, so we’ll see.”

Federal government almost doubled the annual cap in 2015 when the provincial immigration program was allowed to accept 1350 immigrants. However, it did not take long to fill the increased cap this year as well.

“I don’t see why we need to have it in Nova Scotia,” said the provincial immigration minister. ”

“I want flexibility and we want more control over our own program, more than what we’ve ever had in this province. And I believe we’ve proved ourselves,” she further added.

There is a perception about the province among the immigrants that Nova Scotia residents are friendly but not welcoming to new immigrants. This perception also makes it difficult for new immigrants to decide about their destination in Canada when considering their immigration options.

Provincial government has to work on changing this negative perception about the Nova Scotia. It is possible be showing the residents that how they can benefit from the immigration economically and socially.

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