“I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than Modi does”, Canada Prime Minister

More Sikhs Minister in Canada than IndiaCanadian federal cabinet has more Sikhs than Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has. This was rightly pointed out by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while answering questions from students during his visit to the United States. There are 3 Sikh ministers in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet compared to only 2 in Narendra Modi’s cabinet. New Liberal government is easing immigration laws and increasing annual immigration intake to allow more immigrants to move to Canada.

A university student in the United States congratulated PM Trudeau for having many ministers from Punjab. Justin Trudeau responded, “I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than Modie does.”

Canada welcomed 25, 000 Syrian refugees this year and have increased the available spots to over 50,000 to bring in more refugees from other troubled parts of the world.

Canada also plans to allow up to 305,000 immigrants in 2016. The main focus of the immigration policy this year is to reunite the families in Canada by allowing more family members to immigrate into Canada.

Justin Trudeau inducted a number of immigrants with various ethnic background into his cabinet after taking oath as Prime Minister of Canada. He wanted to showcase the cultural diversity in the Canadian society.

Most prominent Sikh member of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is Harjeet Sajjan who has the charge of the Defence ministry.

So it is true that there are more Sikhs in Canadian cabinet than Indian cabinet.


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