40,000 less jobs in United Kingdom for non-EU workers

United Kingdom has removed more occupations from the “shortage Occupation List” that allowed professionals from non European Union countries such as India to come and work in UK. This new step is expected to reduce about 40,000 non-EU workers coming to UK annually.

The ‘shortage occupation list’ is a list of jobs that United Kingdom allows professionals from non-EU countries to come and take up employment. The new list will come into effect from November 14, 2011. The list is part of the Tier 2 immigration route via the Points Based System.

Migration Advisory committee (MAC) recommended the proposed amendments in the “shortage Occupation List” where labor force data from a range of industries and sectors suggested local workers are available to fill the job openings of specialist jobs such as pharmacists, veterinary surgeons, and speech and language therapists.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said: “Alongside our limits on overseas workers we are also taking action to provide businesses with the skills they need from the British workforce and reduce their need for migrants”.

Moreover he said that UK want the brightest and the best workers from outside the EU with the skills we can benefit from in the UK.

Occupations removed from the list on recommendations of MAC include: secondary education biology teachers; speech and language therapists; pharmacists; orthoptists; veterinary surgeons; and, rank and file orchestral musicians.


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