Students should leave after graduation, says Sajid Javid

sajid javidThe United Kingdom business secretary, Sajid Javid, wants the international students to leave the country after completing their studies. Mr. Javid believes that foreign students should not abuse the right to study in the United Kingdom achieve permanent residency. The UK universities have heavily criticized the policy to abolish the work permits after the graduations in the year 2012. There has been a decline in the number of international students enrolling the UK universities and colleges.

The Business Secretary told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme host on Friday morning that the UK immigration system should not allow the foreign nationals who entered the country for the sole purpose of obtaining higher education to use it as a way to continue staying in the UK.

Sajid Javid said, “What we need to make sure is that our immigration system allows those from abroad that want to come to Britain to study in our world-class universities, our fantastic colleges to come here.”

“But we’ve also got to have a system that doesn’t allow any abuse when people are using the right to study as a way to achieve settlement in Britain,” said Javid. “So we have got to break the link and make sure it is focused on people who want to study and then, once they have had their studies and completed that, then they leave.”

Mr. Javid expressed similar views while launching the government’s plan in Birmingham to improve productivity. He said that students should be allowed to stay in the country only if they qualify for work visa after graduation otherwise they must leave the country.

“We do not want a system where some people see studying as a motive to settle in Britain and that is their only motive”, Business Secretary further said.  “People who come to study in Britain should be coming to study.”

The UK universities are pushing for more open immigration policies towards the international students as the strict rules are only resulting in declined number of international students enrollments in the UK higher education institutions.


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  1. Kindly give us details, which work visa we should apply after completed graduation from UK, till we have not to leave that country. I mean, any working visa is there for graduate.

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