UK Expands Immigration Crackdown to More Employers

James-Brokenshire-Immigration-MinisterUnited Kingdom is expanding its crackdown to more rogue employers who are hiring immigrants without authorization to work in the country. James Brokenshire, UK’s Immigration Minister, has said that illegal immigrants are taking away the jobs from the UK citizens and legal migrants. The immigration minister said that government is planning to conduct more raids on construction, care homes and cleaning companies and employers who are found to be employing illegal immigrants will be “hit from all angles”. UK government is under lots of pressure to reduce the net migration. In a similar effort to reduce the influx of migrants, the foreign students from non-European Union countries have been disallowed to work in the country while they are studying.

James Brokenshire has announced to focus three sectors of construction, cleaning and home care to ensure that they are not hiring illegal immigrants according to The Guardian. He criticized employers who are employing migrants without doing proper background and paper work to ensure they are legally eligible to work in the country.

“Rogue employers who give jobs to illegal migrants are denying work to UK citizens and legal migrants and helping drive down wages,” said the immigration minister. Brokenshire further added that employers who are cheating the employment laws are most likely to “breach health and safety rules and pay insufficient tax”.

The companies employing illegal immigrants have the unfair benefit over the employers who hire legal immigrants and pay full wages and taxes and provide health care. “That’s why our new approach will be to use the full force of government machinery to hit them from all angles” said Brokenshire, “and take away the unfair advantage enjoyed by those who employ illegal migrants.”

UK is facing a new wave of migrants trying to enter the country illegally from regions such as Africa and Syria. The crackdown is expected to deter employers to provide jobs to illegal immigrants in a bid to discourage illegal migration.

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