UK Plans to Ban Entry of Criminal Immigrants

Work in UK and pay tax at lower rateUnited Kingdom is planning to toughen its immigration rules from September this year to ban foreign criminals from entry the country in a bid to reduce the net migration. UK government has been unable to deport a number of foreign criminals on the grounds of human rights in the past. The new rules will make it difficult for those immigrants who have been involved in criminal activities in the past to come and live in the UK.  The accompanying family members will also be required to provide the police clearance checks within the past 10 years. In the initial stages, the rules will be applicable to foreigners who intend to setup business or make investment in the UK.

UK is facing the challenges of higher net migration flow as well as inability to deport foreign criminals who seek protection under the umbrella of human rights. James Brokenshire, the Immigration Minister, has come up with a new rules carved to make it impossible for foreign nationals to enter UK if they had criminal records.

James Brokenshire has said, “Foreign criminals have no place in the United Kingdom and this scheme will help keep them out.”

The minister said that mandatory police checks will be used as tool to prevent the foreign criminals getting into the country to make our communities safer.

The new immigration rules will apply to “Tier 1” visa applicants who are interested to enter the country as investors or entrepreneurs, along with their dependents in the initial phase of the program.

Anyone unable to provide proof of criminal records checks for the past 10 years will be denied the leave to enter the UK.  Migrants who committed serious crimes resulting in lengthy imprisonments would be banned to enter the country.  Similarly the applicants who found making false statements about their criminal records will be banned for a period of 10 years.

It is expected that the new scheme will be extended to the other visa streams later in 2016 to refuse visas to the migrants with criminal past.


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