UK to Seize Earnings of Illegal Workers

UK policeUnited Kingdom is introducing a new law which will allow the officials to seize the earnings of illegal immigrants who are working in the country as a deterrence to stop the influx of the migrants. The net migration was 318,000 in 2014 despite the strict measures taken by the David Cameron’s government. It is already illegal to hire employees without work authorization or rent homes to illegal migrants and employers can face a fine of up to £20,000.

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is giving the powers to the officials to confiscate any money that has been earned by illegal migrants or visa over-stayers during their stay in the country. Illegal migrants are not allowed  to work in the UK without work authorization. The measure is seen as a bid to bring the net migration to 100,000 level by making working conditions more unattractive for illegal migrants or visitors.

Existing laws have the provisions to punish the visitors working illegally in the UK in terms of 6 months custodial sentence and/or unlimited fine, however, these regulations do not apply to those who have entered the country illegally or have over-stayed their leave to remain in the UK. The proposed law will make it easier for the enforcement agencies to confiscate the wages of those who over-stayed their visas or entered illegally as proceeds of a crime.

The opponents of such drastic measures claim that majority of the illegal immigrants or foreigners on visit visas take cash for their work and send the money back to their families. It is most unlikely to seize any such money from the illegal migrants and the proposed law of illegal working may not work.

David Cameron pledged to bring the net migration level under 100,000 mark but has consistently failed over the years to reach that target. The past year’s net migration statistics show that the influx was at the highest level in the last decade.

As part of the new proposed laws to crack down the illegal workers, the financial institutions will be required to check the account holders against the database of illegal immigrants.

UK government will create a new labor market enforcement agency to crack down on those who are exploiting the illegal workers in the country.


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