UK to Ban Foreign Students to Work While Studying

students in ukUK Home Secretary, Theresa May, is planning to ban the foreign students to engage in any employment during their studies. International students from non-European Union states will be required to leave the country after graduation and then apply for work visa to return to the United Kingdom. Business Secretary Javid Sajid had said earlier this week that foreign graduates should not abuse the study visa to use it as backdoor to gain residence in the country. Immigration Minister James Brokenshire also want the foreign students to leave. The restrictions are expected to lower the number of foreign students enrolling in UK educational institutions.

The crackdown on the foreign students using the colleges and universities as backdoor to remain the United Kingdom in a bid to reduce the net migration. Under the new rules, the international graduates from outside the European Union will have to exit the country before they can apply for any employment related visa. The restrictions would make it very difficult for the foreign students to use their UK credentials to stay in the country where they spent time and money to educate themselves.

Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, has said that immigration offenders wanted to sell illegal access to the UK jobs market and there were plenty of people willing to buy.

“Hard-working taxpayers who are helping to pay for publicly funded colleges expect them to be providing top class education, not a back door to a British work visa,” Brokenshire further added.

UK Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, had  expressed similar views while he launched the government’s plan in Birmingham to improve productivity. He said that students should be allowed to stay in the country only if they qualify for work visa after graduation otherwise they must leave the country.

“We do not want a system where some people see studying as a motive to settle in Britain and that is their only motive”, Business Secretary further said.  “People who come to study in Britain should be coming to study.”

The official statistics indicate that 121,000 students form non European Union countries entered the UK in the 12 months to June last year. However, about 70,000 of the international students did not leave the UK after completing their studies.


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