UK will Deport 7000 Foreign Nurses by 2020

UK migrationUnited Kingdom’s new visa rules that requires foreign nationals working in the country for longer than six years with earning lower than £35,000 be sent back to their home countries. It is estimated that about 7000 overseas nurses could become victim of the new visa rules by year 2020 that might result in crippling the health care system in the UK. The Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nurses has called the visa rules illogical which would result in waste and chaos. One in three nurses in the UK were hired from abroad during the past year.

The Telegraph has reported that if the nurses are required at higher rate to meet the requirements of the British health care system, then as many as 30000 could be facing deportation by 2020.  A country that is heavily dependent on the foreign nurses would be losing the trained nurses who worked in the British hospitals for six years and then had to leave the country due to the immigration regulations.

The chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Dr Peter Carter said, “The NHS has spent millions hiring nurses from overseas in order to provide safe staffing levels.”  “These rules will mean that money has just been thrown down the drain,” Dr. Peter added.

“The UK will be sending away nurses who have contributed to the health service for six years,” said RCN Chief. “Losing their skills and knowledge and then having to start the cycle again and recruit to replace them is completely illogical.”

It is estimated that 6365 nurses could be sent home immediately due to the new visa rules. £40m is expected to be lost in recruitment costs of overseas nurses who would be eventually deported after six years of working in the UK.

Dr. Cater has asked the government to reconsider the salary threshold of £35,000 or include nursing in the shortage occupations list so that the new visa rules does not apply to the nurses.




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