New Business and Student Visa Programs to be Launched by France

Strategic Attractiveness Council 2014France is launching new simplified visa programs for foreign investors and international students to keep them in the country as discussed in the Strategic Attractiveness Council meeting on February 17, 2014. The meeting was chaired by the French President, Mr. François Hollande, and attended by the business leaders from about 30 foreign companies in France. The measures include issuance of Talent Passport, Multi-year student visas and financial support for start ups in France through French Tech Ticket program. The new visa programs are aimed at attracting the foreign businesses, students and researchers to assist the French economy and boost country’s investment attractiveness.

Talent Passport:

France will be launching Talent Passport by early 2015 which will make it easier for foreign skilled workers, investors and researchers to come and live in France through a simplified administrative process. The Talent Passport is a four year renewable visa for By early 2015, holders of the “Talent Passport” and their families will be offered four-year renewable visas for corporate officers and highly qualified workers; investors; qualified young graduates; researchers; foreigners with an international reputation in science, literature, intellectual work, education or sports; and artists. The family members of the Talent passport will also be eligible to accompany the foreign nationals to stay in France.

Five Year Circulation Visa:

Talented foreigners who wish to visit France frequently without desire to settling will issued five years Circulation visas. the circulation visas will allow them to come to France for short business or leisure trips.

Multi Year Student Visa Resident Permits:

International students will will no longer have to renew the card every year. They will be granted a multi-year visa for a duration that will correspond to their length of study. Graduating students will also be helped with administrative processes when they benefit from bursaries and grants. Foreign students with a masters degree and a business project in France may also get simplified access to residency permits at the end of their academic stay. Foreign students will no longer have to renew their study permit each year.

The process for renewal of residence permits for scientists and researchers is also being made simple and easy.

French Tech Ticket for Foreign Startups:

Selected foreign startups will receive € 25,000 for their projects, and receive assistance to set up in France though a single contact at the French Tech Help Desk to provide logistical support. They will also get a Talent passport.

France will also invite the chairpersons of the international business to join the board of directors of official body to increase the involvement of international companies in French markets. Other measures such as simplified tax procedures and availability of public funding to foreign companies in France will also be introduced in a bid to attract more foreign investors.


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