1 in 4 Americans May Immigrate to Other Country if Trump Wins

1 in 4 americans will leave if Donald Trump becomes presidentOne in four Americans are considering to immigrate to an other country in case Donal Trump becomes the President of the United States according to new poll conducted this March. Canada is the most like the country where they will move to if Donald Trump wins the Presidential elections in November this year. Trump is in favor of strict immigration policies and tighter border controls.

Every fourth person  questioned in the Morning Consult/Vox poll said they would “likely” think fleeing the United States for good to a “country, such as Canada” if the Republican candidate Donald Trump were to be sworn into office at the White House.

The poll was conducted conducted March 10-13, 2016 and about 2000 registered voters participated in the poll.

Donal Trump launched his campaign to get nominated by his party for presidential elections by bashing immigrants from Mexico.

Trump then said to stop the immigration of Muslims to the United States. Trump said, “They are not coming to this country if I am the President”.

Donald Trump is now gone one step further and wants to halt all type of immigration to the United States for at least 1-2 years.

One survey suggested that American voters do believe that immigration is not good for the country. This view is similar to the one which Donald Trump has. It might be coincident but Trump’s stand on immigration is finding support among majority of Americans.

There are about 14 million illegal immigrants in the United States who have been hoping to reside in the country legally by change in the immigration laws under the President Barack Obama’s presidency. However, Obama’s administration could not get a crucial legislature to reform the immigration laws the country.

Any efforts by President Obama to provide pathway to the illegal immigrants to remain in the country through executive orders is facing legal battle in the court.

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