Majority of Americans Believe Immigration Bad for Country

usa immigration surveyMajority of the Americans think that immigration is not good for the country in a recent survey conducted by The A.T. Kearney-NPD Group. Bloomberg reported that whooping 61 per cent of United States nationals consider the continued immigration a threat to the country. It appears that Donal Trump has succeeded to influence the opinion of the fellow Americans.  If not what ever Trump is saying about immigration is touching their hearts.

A new survey indicates that 61 per cent of the US nationals surveyed thought that immigration jeopardize the country.

The results of the survey will be made public later this month are much different from other surveys conducted regarding immigration in the past. More Americans favored immigration than thought it will be detrimental for country.

Last year a Pew Research Center study found that 53 per cent of respondents thought immigration strengthened the United States compared to 38 per cent who thought immigrants were burden on US economy and resources. The survey was conducted in August through October 2015.

Similarly 34 per cent of the people surveyed favored a decrease in immigration in a Gallup Poll in June, 2015. Only one quarter of the corespondents supported an increase in immigration levels.

There are over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States who are keenly waiting for some miraculous immigration legislation that would allow them to remain in the country legally. President Obama’s Executive orders to provide some legal protection to undocumented immigrants has been challenged in the court and awaiting decision.

Donald Trump has stirred lots of controversy and buzz with his bold remarks about illegal immigrants. The result of the new survey suggests that people are listening to Donald Trump and favor his views on immigration.



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