3000 Indian Visas for Pakistani Cricket fans

India will be granting 3000 visas to cricket fans from Pakistan to watch the live matches of cricket in India starting December from 25, 2012. Cricket lovers seeking visas for India must have a sponsor in India, match tickets and return tickets.The visiting Pakistanis will be required to report to designated police station after arrival in India. The cricket teams of the two countries are playing cricket matches in India after about four years. Cricket lovers have welcomed the scheduled cricket matches between the two cricket teams.

Indian interior ministry officials have said that India will be granting visas to about 3000 Pakistanis who want to watch the cricket matches between the cricket teams of India and Pakistan.

“One thousand Pakistanis will be able to watch the Delhi match,” the official said, “and 500 will be allowed to attend each of the other games.”  “The BCCI will be given all the necessary instructions to speed up the visa process.” the official added.

The visiting Pakistani spectators will have to report to the designated police station after they arrive in India as a normal procedure applicable to all the visitors from Pakistan to India.

The official also made it clear that Pakistani cricket fans are not allow to cross border on foot. They must fly or board a train to enter India.

The Pakistani fans must have a sponsor in India in order to be eligible for visa particularly for the cricket matches. They also require to have cricket match tickets and the return ticket to their country.The Indian home ministry has made it clear that there will be no relaxation in the visa requirements as it may threaten Indian national security.

“There will be no relaxation of visa rules for the cricket fans,” a Home Ministry official said.

“We cannot compromise our security as it is our prime concern. So, whoever seeks visa, has to name a local sponsor,” the official added.

Despite the strict rules for visas, cricket fans on both side of the border has welcomed the  initiated as a first step to reduce tensions between the two countries.


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