India-Pakistan Visa Agreement Signed to Ease Travel Restrictions

India and Pakistan has embarked on a new era of travel visas for the nationals of both the countries that will make crossing the border easier than ever before. Indian and Pakistani Interior Ministers singed the visa pact this Friday December 14, 2012 which will ease some the restrictions that were in place on the citizens of both the countries. The changes will allow visit to five cities instead of three and businesspersons may be able to get multiple entry visas. The Pakistani interior minister has said that the agreement is a forward step towards peace in both countries.

The interior ministers of India and Pakistan has signed an agreement that will ease the visa restrictions on citizens of both the neighboring countries. Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik is visiting India on a three days visit.

“This is not only historic,” said Pakistani Interior Minister, “but this is a step forward for the two countries in the progress of peace.”

The simplified visa laws will perk up the tourism industries of both the nations, creating a number of jobs and supporting the flourishing economies.

Ashok Mehta who is a retired Indian Army general called the new visa agreement as a “baby step” taken in the right direction that may assist in easing the tensions between India and Pakistan. Mr. Mehta, however, said, ““But it’s still significant, especially because nothing is happening on big-ticket items like border management and terrorism — the real ice-breakers.”

India will be granting about 3000 visas to Pakistani nationals to come to India to watch the cricket matches between the cricket teams of both the countries.

India and Pakistan have a lot to share in terms of trade, culture, entertainment and resources. In order to enhance mutual sharing, the first thing to do is creation of a liberal and coherent visa regime, and this policy is a first step towards achieving this milestone.

However, it is just a beginning. A lot more is lying ahead. One thing is obvious that if the two neighbours allow their people to visit each other freely, they can be able to establish peaceful and prosperous societies.


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