One Visa to Visit All ASEAN Countries

The tourism ministries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have agreed to introduce a common one visa for all the non-ASEAN countries. The objective behind this move is to perk up the tourism industries of the regional member states.

After the implementation of this policy, the foreigners will be able to visit all the ASEAN countries with just one visa. This has been announced by the organisation’s Department of Tourism (DoT) in a recent press release.

This is a hallmark development which is likely to promote the culture of the region and bring immense revenues in the member nations.

Commenting on the nature of the new visa regime today, ASEAN’s tourism secretary, J. Jimenez, told that the process of issuing visitor visas would turn to be somewhat easy and effective with the enforcement of Common Visa statute. He also claimed that this was going to cast positive effects on the overall well-being of the region.

According to an ASEAN official, the new policy will be in force within a couple of years.

Reportedly, the ASEAN aims at drawing at least 107 million overseas tourists by 2015 and this is likely to generate big revenue coupled with a number of jobs for the locals.

The ASEAN nations are following the model of the European Union (EU) which has achieved mammoth advantages with this formula over the years. It is also expected that the other regional organisations of Asia and Africa will also be having such type of visa regimes in foreseeable future.

This is good news for the tourism loving people of the world as they no more need to obtain separate visas of every ASEAN state to visit the region and enjoy its fabulous culture. ASEAN consists of ten nations including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Burma and Philippines.

The move has also been hailed by the international immigration experts who urge the other regions of the world to formulate similar kind of policies so that the dream of a globalized world can be achieved in real sense.


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