New Visitor Visa Rules for Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

sochi-2014Russia has announced special visa rules for the tourists attending the Sochi games taking place in and around Sochi, Russia, from February 7 to February 23, 2014.  Foreigners visiting Russia for the games will not be issued the regular tourist visa and only a special visa valid only for one month will be issued.

Same day visa processing for the visitors of Sochi games will be available, but it will be better to apply for visa well in advance.

All the tourists will be required to provide copy of either of Spectator Pass, Event Ticket, Receipt for Event Ticket purchase along withe the other documents for Russian visa.

Spectator Pass which will be required to be presented with the Ticket in order to gain access to the venue to attend a specific Session on the date indicated on the event ticket.  The Spectator Pass is an additional feature established by Sochi 2014 for the purpose of providing security for all event ticket holders at the Venues during the Sochi games and can be obtained free of charge. The Spectator Pass issuing procedure is described at the Sochi 2014 Website. In order to obtain Spectator Pass a Ticket Holder has to provide Sochi 2014 with their Personal data and organizers reserve the right to either grant or deny the Spectator Pass.

The tourists must possess a passport that is valid for at least for 6 months from the projected departure date from Russia and must have minimum three empty pages.

The 22nd Sochi Olympics will be the first Olympics for Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union, However, preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games had met with controversy, primarily concerning the high level of corruption, and environmental pollution.
Completed on-line Russian visa application form without leaving any field blank. The completed on-line form can then be printed on both sides of the single sheet of page. You can take the printed and signed application form along with other documents and credit card authorization to the visa office. The application processing will be delayed by two days if off-line application form is used or on-line form is filled out incorrectly. In addition to the delayed processing, there will be charge of $35 plus tax for each applicant.

The applicants are required to provide a letter that explains their purpose of the visit along with the complete travel itinerary, the places where the applicant will be staying. The visa applicants must provide the reason and proof of urgency if expedited processing is requested.

One color photo against white background (35mm X 45 mm (1 3/8’’ X 1 3/4’’)). Photos may be taken at any of the visa offices by paying fee of $10. Detailed requirements of Russian visas photos must be followed by those applicants who are submitting their visa applications through courier.

Copy of the overseas emergency medical insurance policy valid for travel to Russia  is required to ensure that tourists are covered while in Russia.

Visa Center provide the services for the Russian visas and more information is available at the website.

Detailed information regarding the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, sporting venues, accommodations, accessibility, ticket sales for foreigners living outside Russia, etc is available at the Sochi 2014 website.



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