Foreign PhD Students in Sweden Want Immigration Rules Changed

Foreign PhD students in the Sweden are trying to persuade the Swedish government to consider their work experience during research towards the residency requirements for non-European nationals through the social media and power of internet.

The foreign workers who come to Sweden have the opportunity to use their work to obtain the Swedish residency after completing four years in Sweden. The PhD candidates who also have to work just like other labour migrants, however, cannot use the work towards residency because work experience gained through student residency permits. The work experience after graduation can only be considered under the existing laws and foreign PhD students want to change it.

An online petition to gather support to initiate a parliamentary motion for changes in the residency rules was able to gain support of over 3000 people and similar campaign on social media also attracting support.

Karin Granbom Ellison, a member of Riksdag, tabled a parliamentary motion last year for the new rules to make it easier for PhD students from non-EU region to gain residency after completion of PhD studies.

It will be good if the PhD students can use their work experience during the studies and become eligible for Swedish residency right after completing PhD degree after four years. However, the students who come to Sweden on scholarships from their governments with commitments to return and serve their countries after completing their education must be excluded from any such benefits.

Social media is playing a major role in obtaining support and create public awareness for such issues and more and more people are using the power of the social media for their causes now.



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