Thai Visa Applicants in Dubai Must Use Online Application Process

The Royal Thai Consulate General in Dubai has announced that the travelers to Thailand will have to apply online starting from the first day of November this year. All the applicants will have to appear physically for visa appoint with exception of children under the age of 12. The Royal Thai consulate expect to cut the processing times as a result of the new visa application submission process.

All the applicants wishing to travel to Thailand will be required to use online visa application form beginning November 1, 2012. The application forms can be downloaded from the Royal Thai consulate’s website at

The travelers will also be required to make an online appoint to visit the Thai consulate. The appoint can be printed using a printer. The applicants can then take the printed appointment confirmation,visa application forms and all the other required documents to the Thai consulate on the date of the appoint.

An official from the Thai Consulate told a local newspaper, “This new online visa application system will take effect beginning 1st of November.”

“We will give applicants some time to know about this new procedure,” the official added, “but after that, all visa application should be done online.”

By making online appointment, the applicants will be saving time they spend at the consulate. Currently, some applicants may have to wait for almost three hours for their turn during the peak times. The applicants are advised by the Thai Consulate to arrive for their appoint at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

The Official said, “We’re trying to make it easier for both sides. Once they accomplish the requirements, they can come at their appointment time. So they won’t have to wait for too long. During peak times, some have to wait for two and a half hours.”

Currently, physical appearance at the consulate is not mandatory and applicants can submit the applications through the representatives. However, the new procedure will require all the visa applicants to physically appear at the Thai consulate unless the applicant is under the age of 12 years.

The Thai Consulate processes approximately 100 applications each day. The visa application intakes are doubled during the peak times.



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