Finally US Visa System is Coming Back to Life

USA visa system crippledUnited States Department of State has started issuing visas as the visa system has finally started working in most of US embassies and consulates after its failure due to technical issues earlier this month. The backlog will take long time to get cleared. The hardware failure in the visa system that verifies the biometric data had disrupted the US visa services around the globe. According to State Department spokesperson, John Kirby, the fix for the technical problem is in place and is being tested.

John Kirby, State Department spokesperson, has said that US embassies and consulates issued 45000 visas on Tuesday. He further said that 66 percent of the visa offices are now online and issuing visas. US State Department usually issues 50000 visas per day and is still not working at its full capacity.

The backlog created during the period of visa system failure will take long time but Kirby did not provide any estimated time to clear the backlog.

Kirby said, “The database responsible for handling biometric clearances has been rebuilt and is being tested.”  “I don’t want to be overly rosy here,” added Kirby. “We’ve got the fix in place. Things seem to be working.”

“There is a big backlog. It’s going to take a while to clear that,” Kirby further added.

The technical glitch in the database that is responsible for providing clearance for biometric data caused disruption of issuance of visas at all the embassies and consulates of the United States. State Department used the expertise of IT specialists from public and private sectors to fix the problem. Hardware failure has been sited the reason behind the problem.



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