Florida Legislators Pass Bill to Detain Undocumented Immigrants

Rep Larry MetzFlorida House voted this Thursday February 4, 2016 to eliminate any sanctuary for undocumented immigrants by requiring the local authorities to detain immigrants who do not have any legal documentations for their stay in the country. The Bill also allows the Florida Governor to punish those officials who do not comply with the new law.

The House’s proposal (HB 675) is aimed at banning the sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants. It will also include those places where nonviolent undocumented immigrants are released.

Rep. Larry Metz, the sponsor of HB675 said, “We have a problem that we have to build walls to keep people out of our country because we’re the greatest country in the world.”

“Without both border security and internal enforcement, the system breaks down, and to fix it, we have to do our part in the state of Florida,” Larry Metz further added.

The bill was passed with the support of 80 Republicans, however, a similar proposal has not seen any success in the Senate.

Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez argued, “You’re taking your frustration out on what the federal government is or is not doing with respect to immigration and you’re punishing local government for it.”

Rep. Julio Gonzalez argued in favor of the bill and said, “This bill is only to protect the very reasons why immigrants come to this country: to seek freedom.”

Bill HB 675 will allow the families of person who were  killed by undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities to sue the local government.

The governor has been given the powers to remove officials in those communities from office unless they made a clear effort to repeal those policies.

President Barack Obama tried to get immigration reforms law passed without any success.

image credit: http://www.dailycommercial.com


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