Hillary Clinton Pledges to Stand with Latinos on Immigration

Hilary ClintonHillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, has pledged to stand with Latino community on immigration reforms and job creation this week in an Univision op-ed. The former first lady also criticized the Republican party for their hostile remarks towards the immigrant communities in the United States. President Barack Obama has been struggling to get passed the Comprehensive Immigration Reforms Bill from Congress without any success. Immigration and is the hot topic as estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants’ future is dependent on it.

Hillary Clinton promised that if she is elected as President in the Presidential elections during next year, she will fight for fixing the broken immigration system. “As President, I will fight to fix our broken immigration system and pass comprehensive immigration reform”, she said.

Clinton further said, “I will defend President Obama’s executive actions protecting DREAMers and the parents of citizen children, and will seek to go beyond them.” Republican leaders have indicated that they will not continue the Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

“I will always stand with the Latino community—on immigration and job creation, education and environmental protection. Because when we stand together against those who would seek to divide us, and fight together against those who would seek to take us backward, and when we make our communities and our families strong, we make America strong,” Clinton added.

Clinton was very vocal against the Republican leaders who are trying to get nominated for Presidential election including Donal Trump for their tough stance on immigration.

Former first lady said, “But I didn’t expect that this summer, the Republican primary would come to seem less like a competition for the highest office in the land and more like a race to see who can make the most hostile, outlandish, vitriolic claims about the immigrant community.”

Donald Trump started his campaign with his controversial remarks against the immigrant communities and called the Mexicans criminals. Trump also said that all the undocumented immigrants must be deported from United States. However, he has been able to draw attention from the media and people and is the front runner in the nomination race according to surveys.


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