Obama’s New Policy Shift Will Protect More Illegal Immigrants

Obama policy shift on deporation of illegal immigrantsUnited States President Barack Obama’s administration is planning to introduce a new immigration policy with a major focus on the deportation of illegal immigrants involved in criminal activities and posing threat to public safety. The shift in the immigration policy, based on the report by Migration Policy Institute, is expected to provide protection to about 87 per cent of the illegal aliens from the fear of being deported. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson praised the MPI study and said in a statement that new policy will transform the country’s deportation system.

United States Immigration department will be concentrating its all efforts to ensure that criminal aliens threatening the security of the communities are removed from the country as quickly as possible. The refocus on the deportation of the violent criminal illegal immigrants will provide substantial blanket protection from deportation.

The new immigration policy is in line with the report of Migration Policy Institute (MPI). Currently about 74 per cent of the illegal immigrants have protection from deportation under the Obama’s Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. However, the new guideline will increase the protection to about 87 per cent of the undocumented immigrants.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, while commenting on the MPI study,  said in a statement“We will continue to work with state and local law enforcement agencies to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals and individuals who pose a threat to our Nation’s security.”

Secretary Johnson further added that new deportation policy will “substantially transform the U.S. deportation system” and  “enhance efforts to bolster public safety.”

Obama’s administration has reduced the number of deportations over the period of past three years. The new policy shift will reduce the deportations to the lowest levels since the last decade. President Obama failed to get the comprehensive immigration reform bill from the Congress and now facing legal challenge in court over executive orders to provide protection the the parents of the US citizens who are in the country without documentation.


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