US Immigration Policy Change Opening Doors to more Foreign Entrepreneurs

Immigrant Entrepreneurs are feeling more certain about their future in the United States after the U.S immigration department eased its immigration policies for migrating businesspeople last year, particularly the H-1B visa. Local immigrant entrepreneurs are commending the change in policy and have said that it has enabled them to concentrate more on their work and lives in the U.S than worrying about their immigration future.

The current immigration law allows foreign entrepreneurs to convert their H-1B visas, through a long term strategy by doing business in the U.S, into permanent residency. The said policy is known as “a national interest waiver”. Foreign entrepreneurs can avail the same facility provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to make their dreams come true.

But many local immigration consultants and lawyers claim that although this might be a very positive step towards an accommodating immigration system, there still are many hurdles along the way for immigrant businessmen who intend to take this road to reach the status of permanent resident in the U.S.

It will be, however, extremely difficult for the H-1B visa holders to get formal permission to remain in the U.S beyond the current 6 years limit under the category.

The Startup Act 2.0 gives slightest hopes to the H1-B holders for a possibility of immigration path resulting in permanent residency beyond the existing limit of six years.

The act, which was sponsored by the coalition of numerous republicans and democrats may not be passed in near future due to hostile environment in the country towards the issue of immigration in this year of election.

The USCIS had communicated on its official website the eligibility criteria for the said facility. The notification on the website stated that only those potential immigrant entrepreneurs who ‘have exceptional ability’ and who’s ‘employment in the country would greatly benefit’ the U.S will be held eligible for the program.


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