US Visa Lottery Program Receives 11 Million Applications

us dv lottery 2015The US visa lottery program, which gives a change to immigrants to seek permanent residency in the land of opportunities, has received about 11 million applications this year which are 21 percent higher than the ones it drew last year. According to an estimation, no more than 0.5 percent of the entries are likely to win the lottery.

On the other hand, the American lawmakers are geared up to make this program null and void as they claim that this is creating an imbalance in the society.

The visa lottery program was initiated in 1990 with an aim to create diversity in immigration laws, however, some circles of the society have been opposing this since the very beginning.

The US senate passed an immigration bill last year to eliminate the lottery system, but the law has not been implemented yet.

The opponents of the system claim that this poses security risks by bringing in unskilled immigrants and making them citizens of the US. They also opine that it enables illegal and incapable expats to get green cards.

Stephen Yale-Loehr, an immigration professor at Cornell Law School, says, “A lottery is not a way to run an immigration system. It doesn’t strengthen family ties, promote our economic interests, or rescue refugees. Congress should abolish the program”.

The Congressional Black Caucus is the main supporter of the lottery system, because it enables many Africans to get immigration as they can never be able to become permanent part of the US through work sponsorship or family connections.

The lucky draw will be held in Kentucky next May and winners will be allowed to apply for the US citizenship. The applicants will be interviewed and checked medically before landing on the American soil.

A person can apply for the lottery as many times he/she wants, but a county cannot get more than 7 percent of the total visas issued in a year.



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