Britons Will Need e-Visa for Turkey Before Travel

Turkey is changing the way tourists from the United Kingdom (UK) were issued visa on arrival at port of entry for a fee of £10 each traveler.  British passport holders will have to apply online for e-visa starting from April 10, 2014 before even boarding their planes to Turkey.

The British tourists are stamped visa on arrival for a fee of £10 when they arrive in Turkey which is a popular destination among the holidaymakers.

The new e-Visa system available on line at The British travelers can apply for e-Visa by providing their information, email address, travel itinerary and passport details. The fee of US$20 for a multiple entry e-Visa valid for 180 days can be paid using master/visa credit or debit card. Tourists can remain in Turkey for a maximum period of 90 days for a single stay during the allowed period of 180 days. Travelers must apply for a resident permit if they wish to extend their stay in Turkey beyond the allowed period of 90 days.

e-Visa is emailed to the traveler within 24 hours. Travelers must print and present the e-visa on arrival in Turkey.

e-Visa TurkeyOnce e-Visa is issued, it cannot be amended and for any changes in the information, traveler will have to re-apply and pay the fee again. If traveler does not use the e-Visa to enter Turkey withing the validity period of 180 days, e-Visa will expire and new e-visa will be required.

e-Visa is required for each individual traveling to Turkey. Parents must also apply for  infants who are included on their passports separately.

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has informed its members travel agents about the changes. The spokesperson for ABTA said, “Turkey is an extremely important destination for our members and we are concerned that consumers, particularly those who have not booked through ABTA members, may not be aware of the new requirement and may as a consequence be refused entry to Turkey.”

e-Visa is already available for Britons and can be used for travel to Turkey. However, effective April 10, 2014, travelers must receive e-Visa before starting their journey to Turkey to avoid denied entry Turkey.



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